The logistics at AlHamriya Shipping LLC includes management of materials, supplier management, purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, premium customer service, inventory management and warehousing.

AlHamriya’s logistics processes involve professionals with years of experience in efficient supply-chain management ensuring top-notch services.

Our logistics procedures involve a range of functions each requiring different skills and expertise and coming with its own challenges, that our experts handle to provide top results. At AlHamriya, we ensure an overall enhanced supply-chain process with complete coordination and relentless management, meeting our clients’ requirements efficiently.

All aspects of Logistics involve information technology and technically advanced methods to process and deliver information whenever and wherever required. The use of technically advanced methods involving IT is what makes us stand out in the competition.


  • A vast network of reliable and trusted partners allowing quick customizations
  • Great communication with the local and international authorities for complete facilitation
  • A team of experienced supply chain professionals to ensure efficiency
  • Technically sound members running advanced IT systems to ensure the delivery of information in real time to the customers.
  • Through planning and consultancy to keep the costs at minimum
  • Cost effective & value added services provided
  • Highly secured storage units

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